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2D Crystal

An amazing gift in 2D using your own photos....
Simply capture your sweet memories and bring old photos to life with our 2D crystals. We use lasers to engrave your images in high quality crystal glass, ensuring your photos do not detoriate over times as normal photos do.
We can also engrave corporate logos, club emblems or special messages to promote your business or special events (employee of the year, special awards, leaving presents, etc).
Simply email an original photograph, image or message (jpeg or BMP) or call into our shop with the printed version to us and select a crystal. We will do the rest by creating that unique gift you are looking for.
If you are looking for the perfect gift or something completely different to offer for a Birthday, Anniversary or Christening we have the perfect solution for you.
With our 2D method we create an everlasting crystal based on the images you supply us. We can add text to personalise your Crystal with dates, messages etc.